1.- The present lease will have a duration of established by this contract.

2. When renting a means of transport, you are responsible1 for all damage and theft to the bicycle or e-scooter and everything that is attached2 to it. Verify vehicle conditions before use. In case of puncture, accidents and others, we strongly recommend a technical support, ask the customer service.

3.- The material will be returned completely and in the same state in which it was delivered to the client. The cost for repair or replacement of the bicycle and everything that is attached2 to it and / or material will be borne by the customer. The client must inform the landlord of the damages caused in said material or of the malfunction thereof. The client is obliged to take good care and take all necessary precautions to protect the bike or e-scooter and equipment rented from damage, loss or theft. If any of the aforementioned situations occur during the rental period, the customer will immediately assume all replacement costs incurred at the price or market price depending on whether the lessor has the part to be replaced or not. At the end of the rental period, the landlord will determine the conditions of delivery of the rented material and, if necessary, assess the losses or damages caused. The customer is obliged at all times to correctly fix with the padlock and safety chain the vehicle (s) when it does not have them in sight (pass the padlock through the frame, saddle and wheels and tie the vehicle to a post fixed to the ground or bike. parking).

4.- The tenant declares to be in perfect health conditions, be able to drive a bicycle and have the necessary control of the rented equipment.

5.- In case of loss or theft of the bicycle or e-scooter, the landlord must immediately notify such circumstance. In addition, it must proceed to compensate the tenant with the agreed amount between both and fixed in writing.

6- The rent of bicycle or e-scooter does not include insurance3 of own damages, reason why the tenant is responsible for all the damages of material or personal that can suffer. The rent is made with the cover of the corresponding CR insurance that covers all the damages caused by origin of the rent to third parties, people or goods. It is the responsibility of the client and his / her companions to respect the Spanish traffic rules and to drive with care and respect to pedestrians.

8.- The data provided by the client, will be used exclusively for the correct provision of the contracted service, being able to request, in accordance with the law, its access, rectification, cancellation or opposition through communication by any means to the lessor. This contract is governed by Spanish law.

9.- The Client accepts the processing of personal data in accordance with Law 1581 of 2012 of Spain.

1 This means that the person who signed this contract is responsible for all damage and theft of the bicycle and everything that is tied to it, including: locks, keys for locks, lights, all vehicle parts and so on.

² This means: bike locks, key to the lock, headlights (if you take it), phone case and more.

³ You can learn about insurance from the seller