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ноя 13, 2020

Valencia is not only beaches and vine. There are many univercities and schools here and people from all over the world come to Valencia every year to get new knowledge and skills. Linguaschools is one of the most prestigious networks of high-quality Spanish language centers. With 7 schools in Spain and 6 in Latin America, Linguaschools receives students from more than 80 countries every year. Additionally, it is a DELE and SIELE exam center, it has won the Study and Travel Star Awards for the last five years, and has received the TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2019.
Linguaschools is at the forefront of educational innovation and offers a wide range of courses for both students and professionals. Their schools are also recognized by some of the most respected universities and scholarship programs around the world. On top of that, their study programs are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes for Spanish language schools and other respectable institutions.

Apart from providing high-quality Spanish courses, Linguaschools organizes many tours and activities so that students get to know the local culture and have an unforgettable experience while studying in Spain. 

Address: Carrer Bernat y Baldoví 11, 46004

Telephone: (+34)  931 761 536


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